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[BETA_RELEASE] Ultra_Profile

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[BETA_RELEASE] Ultra_Profile

Time to get this out the door for those interested.

There are going to be 3 versions of this, the current User_Edit_Profile plugin, which just works with the Users table. Simple, and for most people.

This version, which adds one table, Ultra_Profile, to which you can add whatever fields you want, and have a private (the Users table) and public (the Ultra_Profile) profile for each of your users.

The pro version which will manage any number of profile pages, for a larger site, such as the Models/Photographers site, where a person might be a Model, Photographer, MUA, Fashion Designer, and have a Location available to shoot, they can set up different profiles from one log on, and one set of services.

The User_Edit_Profile plugin will be rereleased shortly, I just have to apply the bug fixes, and clean ups. As noted, there was not much changed, but it was such a simple plugin, the changes are pretty significant.

What's in this Ultra_Profile version?

1) editing the Users record. Block certain fields, allow certain fields, and such. You need to be able to edit your files in the Plugins directory (fileman works ok). On the next release those features will be moved to the plugin_cfg to make things easier.

2) adding a profile table, so you can have a public profile. The included templates use the cute little javascript code to track characters, and have some examples. The functions used to display fields are pretty nice, and you can use check boxes or select fields, or radio buttons, etc. The various functions of the User_Edit_Profile have been merged and upgraded. (The pro version adds even more functionality to display and input of values)

3) security should be pretty tight. Any passed in "username" type field triggers the system to go to display-only mode, regardless of what other fields were passed in. Only a logged in user is used for "edit" mode, and only two allowed table names are allowed to be passed in, and all templates passed in have to begin with profile_ That should prevent any attempts at unauthorized access.

4) All output in the _display form is escaped, so no HTML is allowed. Any entered HTML is pretty ugly <G> This will be prettified in the next release to allow minimal markup (eg: , and *maybe* )

5) The templates are luna compatible (at least on my system).

6) I've installed it on several sites, and seems to install and work fine. But I do need a couple of beta testors to check it out.

[#0000ff]If you have some programming/GLinks experience, and preferably are using the current User_Edit_Profile plugin, I'll let two people test it out for free, but I really need it tested, and you need to edit some of the templates for display to make it look good on your system, and let me see what you do. If you don't set it up and get it working (or tell me what needs fixed to make it work) you don't get the license ;) I *NEED* the testing, and other viewpoints. PM me if interested. I *need* you to try to find flaws in it, not just add it to your collection of scripts.[/#0000ff]

For everyone else, the release price will be $75, and will include upgrades through this major version. I don't see there being any other version, as this plugin has a purpose, and once completed, won't need new features. Any "upgrades" will most likely be only if GLinks changes.

Planned new features for this major version:

1) moving the configuration options to the plugin_cfg so you can enter more information. The plugin *can* do more than it's configured to do, but it's not set up for it, (eg: most features are enhanced for the Pro version), but if you are inclined to hack, you'll be able to wiggle out a few more features.

2) A browse/search function for listing users with "public" profiles, and searching for similar interests. Will use the basic links search search code, but will be set up to display results pages and such nicely.

3) And, because it will be asked for, the ability to add a photo or logo to the profile. If you own one of our other image programs (thumbnail, logo, etc) it will be a a settable option in the plugin_cfg. If you don't, you'll need to add-on that functionality (see how cool having a library of reusable functions is ;))

The pro version (Ultra_Profile_Pro) will add a host of other functionality, and is going to be something in the range of $150-$250 depending on where I stop, and where other functionality is part of something else. This neat little program became a beast and a half, but will duplicate a lot of the "myspace" like profiles and functionality, while adding an immensely specific and targeted searching capability, while hopefully sticking to good database normalization and efficiency.

PUGDOG´┐Ż Enterprises, Inc.

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