Coffee Cup

24 years, 60 countries, 160,000 cups of joe, and a few rather complex web challenges.

Every once in a while, we think back to the early days: listservs, modem squeals, and a time when “social network” meant the folks at the pub. We’re proud of our long history, great team, and numerous successes.


Back in 1996 (that’s 102 years ago, in web years) Alex Krohn started to build web software. He found he had a natural talent for it and soon founded Gossamer Threads. Since then his company has expanded to work in over 60 countries on 6 continents.

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We're happy to grow our company slowly and surely. We're currently 30 strong, and while we’re happy to have so many fine folks on our team, we worry that raising that number too quickly will make it hard for us to stay hands-on and personal. We think this is an important characteristic that's worth protecting, and a big part of why so many of our staff members have been here for over a decade.

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Gossamer Threads is a bit of a unique entity. While we offer a set of relatively standard services (consulting, hosting, development and applications), we do so in an interesting way. Our clients tend to come to us for long-term engagements. As a result, we largely function as an off-site partner that addresses the bulk of our clients’ web technology requirements, whatever they may be.

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Our Clients

We work with a vast array of clients in numerous industries and of every size, from enterprises and SMEs to startups and not-for-profits.

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Our Skills

We've worked with a lot of web technologies over the years. Below are some of our favorites:

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Walk into the Gossamer Threads office, and you’re likely to hear a pin drop. This isn’t for any nefarious reason—we really aren’t that scary! It’s just that we’re the kind of folks who really get into what we’re doing...

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