By now, you probably have a good feel for the kind of people who work at Gossamer Threads. We're developers interested in complex problems. Sometimes along the way we create tools that help us solve our problems. Here are a few we've developed:

GTmetrix — A speed analysis tool for websites

Speed is a critical element in a user’s experience of any website, and Google has announced that it is a factor in page ranking. With this in mind, we've created a free tool for measuring the speed of your site.

Read more about GTmetrix here »

ssync — A file system mirroring tool

ssync is a linux command line tool that copies a filesystem as efficiently as possible, trying to minimize both disk input/output and preserve space. It keeps incremental versions available and hard-links them so as not to duplicate space.

ssync is free to download here »

httpd-stat — Access Apache's server-status

httpd-stat works with apache 1 and apache 2 and reads the shared memory segment directly to access the status info. Useful if apache is overloaded or no free connections.

httpd-stat is free to download here »

Check back as we'll be expanding this section with more interesting tools!