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Re: [Nate_1979] [BETA_RELEASE] Ultra_Profile

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Re: [Nate_1979] [BETA_RELEASE] Ultra_Profile In reply to
I'm sort of finishingi it up.

Stuffing it into a plugin, and fixing up all the configuration values are the real issue.

Some of the really complex things are easier done manually, so I'm simply pushing those aside at the moment.

Right now, getting the plugin_cfg values working, is the main hold up, and once that is done, I'll be able to release it in a pre-beta, but post-alpha form.

As for attaching images, since the concept of the photographers/models is grouping by username, not by categories, that melds nicely with this profile system.

Alex said I really need to write my own file handlers, so that frees me up from the restrictions of trying to work within the GLinks [file] field.

To avoid any automatic overhead from GLinks, I'm not using the file field at all, but am using FILE_ and IMAGE_ to flag fields that are going to be used for files in a multiple upload system.

If you need a custom job, it would not be hard to make our existing stuff work for you, if all you need is to allow people to attach images.

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