Rubik’s Cube

Like big, brainy challenges?
Gossamer Threads might be your kind of place.

Yes, we have a reasonably nice office and great client list. Truth is, though, most web shops can offer you exactly the same. The real perks we offer are big technical problems waiting for you to dig into. Interested?



Most of us (Jack being the exception) aren’t early risers. So, we slowly trickle in around 10am. We arrive at our office in downtown Vancouver mostly by bike or transit and like to start our mornings off right with a coffee—from our rather fancy shmancy coffee machine.

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Gossamer Threads maintains a well-trained and stable employee roster. This isn’t by accident; we’re very selective about the people we ask to be part of our team. Our vetting process involves the submission of a code sample prior to the interview stage and exhaustive interviews with our hiring committee (senior programmer, head project manager, CEO, and COO).

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Almost everyone has been in that weird spot: having applied for a job, but not hearing anything back. Did they actually receive the resume? What’s one to do? Call? E-mail? Send out telepathic signals? We know what a weird spot that can be and, as such, have drafted some responses to common questions from Gossamer Threads applicants.

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