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I'm setting up a site that will be using the more advanced version of the Ultra_Profile system. At first, this will be the only major feature of the site. People can set up their profiles, upload a logo/image and search others profiles. After that, I'll be attaching the the Ultra_Portfolio system, for uploading a portfolio to each of the profiles, and the advanced features.

Once I get the site up and running, I'll post the URL, as there will be a "Visitors" profile, for those just looking around, not participating in the site that has limited functionality.

I'll be developing this site in stages, as each part of the Models/Photographers/Portfolio system is entering beta. There will be many other plugins as part of this system, so if you need certain functionality, please let me know. Right now the plugins will not be available for download, they need to be purchased directly, and if you are not knowledgable about uploading files, we'll install them. Only the basic installs (for now) go through the plugin system, the rest is direct file upload to the Plugins and Templates directories.

This has been a massive effort, but it's mostly done.

Image/File Upload and attach
Portfolio (many images attached to a link displayed as a gallery)
Portfolio_Pro (same, but much more features)
Friends_And_Faves Advanced bookmarking
Comments (can be attached to almost any sort of table from Links to arbitrary, also works with the Portfolio and Profile system)
Ratings_Reviews (can be attached to almost any table, default is Links, but also works with the Portfolio and Profile systems)
-- on the above two, this allows the built-in system to be enhanced to work on a "Link" and also to work on the Users Profile(s) and Portfolio(s) as well as individual images. Yeah, lots of comments <G>
-- loads of other routines and stuff that will be released either as parts of the above (and other) plugins, or as part of the Ultra_Widgets which should be released in the next month or two.
Ultra_Widgets is a huge collection of ready-to-run routines many from the forums, many we've used, and many that are new or new variations of others.

Much more :)

But, the demo/beta of the Ultra_Profile system should be working on a real site in the next week, with real users setting up real multiple profiles.

PUGDOG´┐Ż Enterprises, Inc.

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