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The pro version (Ultra_Profile_Pro) will add a host of other functionality, and is going to be something in the range of $150-$250 depending on where I stop, and where other functionality is part of something else. This neat little program became a beast and a half, but will duplicate a lot of the "myspace" like profiles and functionality, while adding an immensely specific and targeted searching capability, while hopefully sticking to good database normalization and efficiency.
Sly And how soon can we expect to see this? Sly Been playing around figuring out how to make the profiles for my site a bit more than they are, was playing with how to get multiple pictures for each profile etc.... Although I am working with the Gforum profiles Crazy Interested to see what you come up with. Anyone using the same profiles between Glinks and Gforum? (I know Gcommunity is not shared at all from previous posts)


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