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Re: [afinlr] [BETA_RELEASE] Ultra_Profile

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The way this program is set up, it attaches tables to the existing tables, rather than using the existing tables.

For convenience, a few fields are added to the Users table.

This can be *any* profile or key table, you just have to adjust the install, and change the function calls.

The functions themselves only expect a certain data in, and give a certain data out, so they don't care where it comes from (with a few security checks).

These functions are the start of the migration to the UltraWidgets library system, where all our modules are collected and organized into one "Ultra" tree. That will give us easier development of plugins, and addons, and will stabilize our code base so that it's easier to modify and/or plugin to our plugins. We have a *huge* amount of library code we need to clean up and be able to access easily. If we can, we'll be able to do a lot of custom jobs, and release new OEM type programs on a regular basis. Which, really, has been our goal all along, being able to offer turnkey sites for people who have a special or niche need.

If GComm gets stable, with what I assume would be relatively little effort, the plugin could be made to attach to the GComm tables, and feed information back. The problem is that for some reason, the sessions are no longer stable, in the 3.1x versions, and I didn't change my templates, so it had to be one of the upgrades that was applied.

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