Gossamer Threads promotes a strong corporate culture by encouraging regular social events, offering corporate fitness incentives, and fostering community involvement.

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A nice space to work in

Our modern, open-concept office environment with rooftop deck in the heart of downtown Vancouver ensures a dynamic and comfortable work experience, where developers and sysadmins can collaborate and share ideas freely.

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Community involvement is encouraged

We match employee contributions to local charities or community initiatives as part of our Community Service programs. As part of our green policy, we regularly conduct energy audits of our data centers to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Our office is heated & cooled in part by its green roof, and includes recycling and composting facilities. The office's central location and mass transit accessibility has resulted in a 95% rate of non-car employee commuting.

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We offer flexible work opportunities

In order to maintain corporate morale and minimize absenteeism, but also to attract a broader range of employees, we have adapted flexible work schedules as well as work from home opportunities.

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We also have fun “off the clock”

Maintaining our strong, positive corporate culture is part of what keeps our high employee retention rate, and keeps our staff happy and healthy. We hold a number of after work activities (including epic BBQs on our green roof, Ultimate Frisbee, and the Vancouver Sun Run), encourage community engagement, and promote sustainable lifestyle habits, such as our in office worm composting.