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Haven't seen you in my stomping grounds in awhle :) How are you?

Can you explain what you offer, and what the user gets? People are having a hard time finding servers -- dedicated or otherwise -- in the $200 range. If you offer one, I'm sure they'll be interested.

Alex had posted numbers that were in line with all the research and shopping around I've done over the past year. Our numbers are actually on the low side of the ranges that guarantee the performance/resources the user is purchasing.

Answering a posters question with hard information is not an unsolicited posting.

I wonder if it might not be an idea to post the minimum requirements for a Links SQL site (not the bare bones, but the working minimum) and see what various web providers will charge for that. I've added it to the end of my list, I should get to it sometime about the year 2010. <G>

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