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I'm going to get off the soapbox (since it's in flames) but $100/month won't cover a dedicated server, nor does it cover the resources that even a fairly active Links SQL site consumes.

Unless you know your ISP, and they are willing to give you the excess bandwidth and CPU they may have, you are looking at a MINIMUM of $250/month RESOURCES for a Links SQL (or even 2.0) site. Beyond that, if you get busy, or want to offer more, add a lot of cpu intensive scripts, etc, you are in the $450+ range.

Alex has a bunch of plans going on, maybe to cut some of those costs with shared resources, but I've looked at the costs of setting up hosting, and dedicated hosting starts at a minimum of about $450 for the resources even a moderate site needs, and $600 for more realistic.

I've priced dedicated servers at a dozen or so ISP's (those who at least look like they could reasonably provide what they are claiming to sell) and the prices ranged from about $500, to over $1700 for a dedicated server.

Is there a difference?? Probably. At $500 unless the ISP has loads of excess they just want to get something for, you are going to be sharing pipes, and probably have a 'strained' situation on last year's Intel box. At $1700 you have your own 10 MBPs connection on a 100mbps connection and a Solaris/Sun server with enough power to never notice the load.

One of the things I'm going to do once I have a bit of time, is post a comparason of "features" and costs for some of the larger webhosts. From that, you'll be able to judge ifyour local or "new" ISP stacks up.

This is an issue that I really should have a stock URL to point to. I know I can get snappy about it, and I don't mean to here. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You can't make millions with a $100 server. The stock market is showing that all the craziness of the past 2-3 years is over. Reality has set in. People want to see their money back, not empty promises of worthless stock. I really feel sorry for all the people who see their "millions" disapper into less than they invested at the start. It's going to hurt. Big time. If you had said $1000/month, You can find a wealth of ISP's offering pretty good to go service in the $700-$900 range per month. But, my feeling is at that point, an extra $100 or $200 can give you a lot more from a premium ISP.

I value my time at a minimum of $125/hour. Over the past year, my ISP used up less than an hour of that time with problems. Over the previous 6+ years, I could have fed a small 3rd world country on what my ISP's consumed in my time and agrevation each year (and on some I was paying more per month than I am now!)

Robert S. Pataki, MD
President, PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc.

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