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I'm fine (now) but have been ill as have members of my family. I've been busy visiting sick relatives (all who live out of town/state) and have been overwhelmed with my work load other than that. Now I'm trying to sell my home and buy another. Busy, busy, busy.

Anyway, here are the specs on the Dedicated Servers my company sells (leases), as it stands right now:

Standard Features ($195 per month, $250 one-time, non-refundable setup):
AMD-K6 450Mhz 3D (Intel compatible) CPU
128mb RAM (Upgradable - see Options below)
Linux (Slackware) OS
Apache Web Server
ProFTP Server
Perl v5.00503
Java (JDK 1.1.7)
Maintained in a secured facility
Monitored 24 hours daily, 7 days a week
Connected to uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems.
Multiple redundant connections to InterNAP
for high-speed and reliable data transfers.
4 Gigabytes of /home Space (Upgradable - see Options below)
Virtual Domain Name (www.yourdomain.xxx)
Shell and Private FTP Accounts
CGI Directory w/14 pre-installed scripts
CGIWrap available
C, Perl, and other language capability
Java, Shockwave, Server-side Includes, Image Maps
Log File Access (access_log {combined}, error_log, ftp_log)
Logs archived monthly, kept online for 6 months (or less if desired)
Daily Statistics (Webalizer)
Permanent IP Number (one) (Upgradable - see Options below)
Virtual Root FTP Server (Anonymous FTP)
Virtual POP3/SMTP Server with:
Unlimited Mailboxes (Web-based Interface to setup, delete, etc.)
Unlimited Aliases
Unlimited Autoresponders
No aliases file needed except for complex program pipes (i.e., Majordomo)
Full control over email redirection via a simple .redirect file
Majordomo Mailing List(s)
SSL (Secure Server)
Use your Digital Certificate or Ours
Generous Bandwidth (25gb per month) (Upgradable - see Options below)
Daily Backups (7 day archive)
Technical Support via email (telephone support in emergency situations)
Email responded to in a very timely manner
Upgrade Options:
Microsoft Frontpage Extensions (Free upon request)
Monthly Web Site Promotion (Free upon request)
Additional IP numbers ($4 each per month more)
Additional Bandwidth ($10 per gb/month more)
/home Space Upgrades:
6gb ($15 per month more)
10gb ($35 per month more)
20gb ($75 per month more)
Memory Upgrades:
256mb ($60 per month more)
384mb ($95 per month more)
512mb ($120 per month more)
Coming Soon:
PHP3 Capability (Free)
mySQL Capability (Free)
RealServer Streaming Capability (Pricing Not Determined)
Listar Mailing List (to replace Majordomo or coexist with it)
I am constantly looking for new ways to make these servers more beneficial and cost effective, so things are subject to change. For example, I am looking into having CPU Upgrades (faster speeds) available as well as the possibility of having true Intel (Athlon and Pentium III) CPUs at various speeds. Of course, they would be higher priced because, frankly, they just cost more to begin with. I am striving to keep the costs as low as possible though.

Okay, enough horn tooting about my Dedicated Servers. If anyone is interested, they can visit the web site at http://[b]www.orphanage.com/[/b]. Or, send me private mail here or at hostmaster@orphanage.com if you have more questions.

- Bobsie

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