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You asked about a dedicated server. That means you have the machine, the physical hardware, all to yourself. A webserver handling traffic 24 hours a day needs more to it than your standard desktop. The more you expect this server to do, the more you need to invest in it in hardware and thus money. Just look at the prices from Dell, Compaq, HP etc for "servers" (I'm not even throwing SUN in to this).

If you have the server all to your self, you have to pay for ALL of it, plus the resources -- electricity, storage, bandwidth, support, air conditioning, etc -- that it uses. On top of that, if you expect a monthly payment, you are paying interest and other charges on the lease of that server.

A dedicated server divides that cost up among several (often as many 200 or more) people/web-sites. To try to put 200 Links sites on any generally available hardware is going to be an effort in futility. Even a mid-powered SUN workgroup server is going to start to show performance problems with 10+ active sites.

You can't just pick a number out of the air and say "I want to run a site that consumes $400 of resources in hadware and bandwidth and support costs, but I only want to pay $100."

What happens, is sites that do that "over book" like the air lines, and they hope that of the 200 users they put on a machine NO ONE will use any any resources. If any one site (or heaven help more than 1 site) start to use resources -- CGI, bandwidth, etc) that site kills off everyone elses site.

That's where the stories of Hypermart et al come from. Free hosts are not out there to give you unlimited resources (cpu, disk, bandwidth) in excess of what they are making a good advertising return on. One static page serving a banner is a lot "cheaper" than the same dynamic page serving the banner, and if the dynamic pages are "pass through" pages, the odds of banner clicks and thus sales are decreased making such a site even less attractive to a free host....

The story goes on .... :)

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