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Error 500

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Error 500
Is the Zipped file different from the Tar version?

Everytime I download the tar version and treid to decompress it using gunzip, I get a CRC error.

I can download the zip version just fine! Does anyone know if the Ziponly wors on a NT enviroment server, and the Tar only works on linux type servers?

Well, I installed the zipped file on my linux server.When I run this script for the first time, I got an error 500.

I telneted and did a perl -c mysql.cgi

mysql.cgi syntax OK

I also commented out the begin {...}
and uncomment the $scriptpath= and the use lib in mysql.cgi and mysqlcfg.

any ideas?

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Re: Error 500 In reply to
nevermind, i figured it out!