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DBI/DBD problems with NT

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DBI/DBD problems with NT
Hi, i am using NT2000 with Active STate perl 5.6, where do i get the latest version of dbi or dbd for windows, i been searching lots of places but not luck....


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Re: DBI/DBD problems with NT In reply to
ok, now i got dbi to install but not too sure if i done it correctly...
this is the error that i received

Error loading required libraries

Reason: Can't locate loadable object for module DBI in @INC (@INC contains: E:\http\warezstorage\www\cgi-bin\mysqlman\ E:/Program/perl/lib E:/Program/perl/site/lib .) at E:/Program/perl/site/lib/DBI.pm line 164
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at E:/Program/perl/site/lib/DBI.pm line 164.
Compilation failed in require at E:\http\warezstorage\www\cgi-bin\mysqlman\mysql.cgi line 2907.

1. It's likely that you do not have the module installed.
You can find this at: http://www.perl.com/CPAN/modules/by-module/DBI/

2. If the file exists:
Please check if the path to the folder that contains the file is in @INC.

@INC is a special variable in Perl that contains the list of places to
look for Perl scripts to be evaluated by the do, require, or use
constructs. The error occurs because DBI.pm cannot be found in @INC.
Please check if you have Perl installed properly and check if you have the
correct path to perl in the cgi. If you do, then please contact the
server admin.

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Re: DBI/DBD problems with NT In reply to
I have the same problem with ActivePerl 560 and DBI.

You may try version 522, and get it's DBI module here:

They work just fine.