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timelocal and version 2.0

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timelocal and version 2.0

Ok, I've read MILLIONS of posts up here about timelocal and the sub date_to_unix problem.

I've implemented more than one, NONE of them work! Zero... there's only ONE thing
I can think of that is the problem, when I make my own Local.pm and put in the
same dir as links.cfg, and then include it like this:
require "/home/myname/websites/mywebsite/cgi-bin/links/admin/Local.pm";

Is there ANY way to make sure that timelocal function is being called when I do this:
$time = &Time::Local::timelocal(0,0,0, $day, $months{$mon}, $year);

Is there some way to reference the timelocal function inside MY OWN Local.pm?

I've been on this for hours and hours, using Gossamer links as a registered purchaser
for years - I've NEVER seen such bs problems in my life, and such convulted patches - and
I've added many MODS without any problems -

CAN SOMEONE/ANYONE help me with this?

I'm running Links 2.0, Perl Version is: 5.006001

Thanks in advance...
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Re: [Brett] timelocal and version 2.0 In reply to

Never mind, I forgot that my version requires a Build to reflect true database dates/time...

All works as expected...

Find the post that discusses creating your own Local.pm and saving it in the same folder as
links.cfg, then update the code in links.cfg to require your own Local.pm:
require "/home/myname/websites/mywebsite/cgi-bin/links/admin/Local.pm";