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timelocal and version 2.0

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timelocal and version 2.0

Ok, I've read MILLIONS of posts up here about timelocal and the sub date_to_unix problem.

I've implemented more than one, NONE of them work! Zero... there's only ONE thing
I can think of that is the problem, when I make my own Local.pm and put in the
same dir as links.cfg, and then include it like this:
require "/home/myname/websites/mywebsite/cgi-bin/links/admin/Local.pm";

Is there ANY way to make sure that timelocal function is being called when I do this:
$time = &Time::Local::timelocal(0,0,0, $day, $months{$mon}, $year);

Is there some way to reference the timelocal function inside MY OWN Local.pm?

I've been on this for hours and hours, using Gossamer links as a registered purchaser
for years - I've NEVER seen such bs problems in my life, and such convulted patches - and
I've added many MODS without any problems -

CAN SOMEONE/ANYONE help me with this?

I'm running Links 2.0, Perl Version is: 5.006001

Thanks in advance...
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