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The upgrade file fir LSQL 2 says that:
"if you want to install Links SQL 2 in the same database as Links SQL 1, you MUST USE A TABLE PREFIX. This will prefix all your tables so they don't conflict with Links SQL 1."

Can someone explain to a novice what this is and how it is done (I'm using phpMyAdmin 2.0.1).


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Basically when your installing version 2.0.0, instead of having tables like called "Links" or "Hits_Track", they would be called something like "New-Links" or " New-Hits_Track". The prefix you want to use can be specified when you install the new version.

I think. Smile

Robert Blackstone
Webmaster of Scato Search
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Re: Upgrading In reply to

The above is basically correct; during the install (of Links NG 2.0), there is a field to specify a "table prefix" if you wish... If you are upgrading, I would reccomend using that, many tables share names, and you do NOT want to erase all your data, do you.

Good luck!