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problems with windows NT

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problems with windows NT
We are trying to install LinksSQL 1.13 on a IIS server under Windows NT, but have a problem with the file links.pm.
It should be in cgi-bin/admin/links.pm, but we get a "Path
not found" on installation. Our solution for the moment is to put it in c:/Perl/lib/links.pm.
However, we would like to install two LinksSQL bases on the same server, which is not possible with this configuration.

Has anyone experienced this problem?
Could anyone suggest a solution?

Thanks for your help,

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Re: problems with windows NT In reply to
1) You need to add the following codes in your cgi scripts:


use lib 'C:/absolute/path/to/cgi-bin/links/admin';

REPLACE /absolute/path/to/cgi-bin/links/admin to YOUR absolute path to where the admin directory is located.

2) You do know that you will have to purchase two licenses of LINKS SQL to install multiple directories in your web site, right??


Eliot Lee