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software error - urgent please

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software error - urgent please
I am recieving this error everytime I try to use my links admin tools, or any of the cgi scripts that needs connection to the mysql server:

DBSQL (24685): Fatal Error: Unable to connect to the SQL server. Reason: Can't connect to local MySQL server at scriptname.cgi

I contacted my hosting service and they said the system is fine and could not figure out what is wrong .
anyone has any idea what is wrong here?

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Re: software error - urgent please In reply to
Just what it says. It can't connect.

Are you using the right host-name for the mysql server?

There are a number of things that could be wrong, but usually if it's a password, or DBI not found, the error will give you more information. This sort of error usually is just what it says. It can't connect. #1 reason is wrong hostname.

You might want to run the setup again, and make sure everything connects properly.

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