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check validate verify ???

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check validate verify ???
Hi all,

I will apologise NOW for being slow - I have read as much as I can in the sales info, forums and faq's - but I am now more confused than ever . . . . please help.

On the subject of (check validate verify) - am I right in my understanding of the following ?

1. Links SQL will accept URL submission(s) from users
2. Links SQL will then check the specific page or default/index page out for specific meta wording or similar - or will it just work with the info submitted by the user ?
3. Admin can then accept / hold / decline the submission
4. Admin can later request Links SQL to validate ALL or some listings/links for 404 or similar errors
5. Admin can then review the results of validation checks and decide whether to (a) suspend listing or (b) leave as is for the moment or (c) delete

If this is remotely the case - a couple of questions please. . .

Q1. How long does validation of the existance of existing URL's take (per 100 listings / per 1000 listings)

Q2. If it is a long time - can the browser used by admin "time out" ?

Q3. If Alex installs - can a total novice to MYSQL / Databses use or operate this script (assuming html knowledge) without difficulty ?

Q4. (off topic to this section) The regular (non MYSQL) Links 2.0 has been reported in these forums as being at its capacity at anywhere between 400 and 15,000 records or entries - Is this dependant on the number of fields or the amount of total bytes per entry ? (i.e. less data per entry = more entries ? )

Q5. If a link is later found to be "broken" or a 404 error is found - when admin "deletes" the listing - is an email sent to the original user / submitter notifying them that their listing has been removed ?

Q6. Is a RAQ4 dedicated server with 128MB ram sufficient to run this script ? Is the "validation" process the heaviest use on resources ?

Q7. (off topic again) I have seen reference to (regular - non MYSQL Links) being able to address more than one database - is this really the case and (a) is this made possible by the one script addressing two different data files (b) is there any limit on the number of different datafiles in use ?

Q8. How many hits can the cgi script handle for the (a) MYSQL (b) non MYSQL versions ? (per hour / per day)

Although there is a wonderful abundance of information on this site - I have spent may hours trying to answer the above questions - please help if you can . . . .

Regards, Chris.

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It may help us if you separate your issues into separate Theads because it is complicated to answer all your questions within one Thread.


Eliot Lee