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Did someone say Classifieds?

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Did someone say Classifieds?

I'm sure I've read it somewhere here that GT had built a classifieds system - might have been a custom job I don't know. Can't find the post I read - does anyone know anything about it?

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Re: [ryel01] Did someone say Classifieds? In reply to
Yeah...aparantly GT have one.....I believe its $200. If you don't mind working on it yourself....you could create a classified system with my Expire_Links plugin...and a few extra mods for payments etc (unless you want free adverts).

Don't take my word on the GT plugin price...I could be way out Tongue

Andy (mod)
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Re: [ryel01] Did someone say Classifieds? In reply to
I've been working on one. It's an offshoot of the auction system. Behaves very similarly.

Using an expire mod/plugin as suggested, can give you a pretty good system. The down side is you have a lot of extra tags in all the links records, unless you use an attached table. It's an extra database call, but depending on the percentage of links vs classifieds in your system, it might be better, or worse.

Looks like I'll have a whole bunch of related/integrated programs released by late spring, early summer. Betas could be out earlier, but the way I've been running, I'm 2 years behind, due to crashes, personal situations, crashes, stolen computers, etc. Each new "system" is more bullet and crash proof, but it means starting over, and rebuilding time and time again, and for a programmer, reinventing the wheel, rewriting code, etc is one of the most hated things.... and I'm burning out on it.

Programs will be released as I update/upgrade my sites in order, starting with the postcards system, and moving forward in time from that.

I've gone back to having the auction system the center of my "world" of programs. Classifieds, is an alteration of this. Swaps, and "reverse" or modified auctions all come from it. The image gallery/upload system is again, a plug-in to the auction program, with stand-alone capability (actually, the way it's working is the auction and image system are two stand alones, but the image-handling modules can be added to most other systems). And a few other odd and widget type features.

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