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GoCart Suggestion

I haven't purchased or installed the GoCart plugin yet - I'm waiting for it to support WorldPay - but after reading through it's features I thought of another that would be a great addition - CREDITS.

CREDITS would work like this - the admin would allocated X amount of credits to each item (or selected items) in the store, and the customer would accumulate the those credits at each purchase which they could then use to get a discount (or outright purchase items) when they have enough.

If the customer had enough credits to outright purchase an item, I would probably have the system only give the disount on the article - but not the shipping if that is part of the transaction.

I recently saw this implemented in an online store I purchased something through and thought it was a great idea to build loyalty - moreso than a coupon system.

Bring on the WorldPay capability!


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Re: [ryel01] GoCart Suggestion In reply to
One more thing - is there a gift wrapping option built in? Or could one easily be added in the order process?

I think it's must if it's not already in there (obviously related to selling products rather than services).


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Re: [ryel01] GoCart Suggestion In reply to

I just wanted to throw in another "retail" option.

Related products

When a person buys a portable CD player they would also like items such as batteries, headphones, car adapters, etc...

So some way of associating products would be a good thing as well and would work with your suggestion of gift wrapping. It would just be a suggested product that is related to products that you associate it with.

Just a thought!

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Re: [Teambldr] GoCart Suggestion In reply to

I've been working on this for the auction system, and was working on it for gocart as well. You need to make some modifications (at least in the version I have) but you can use a global to pull out the associated or related links, and return them as a loop or formatted string. I had this working on my domain name site for "related groups" or "familes" of names. It's been deactivated, as I'm dropping large numbers of names, mostly second and third shelf names that I'm never ever going to get around to developing, so most "families" and "groups" were broken anyway.

You can make the associations in several ways -- keywords, or separate searches. This can get *really* complicated, but you can also do something like defining "associated" fields to each sort of link. Batteries for electronics for one. When you add an item, you'd be prompted (see spaces for) releated items -- for instance batteries battery quantity. When doing the related products, the plugin/global would see these extra fields, make database calls, and show these products.

As you can see, it can get complicated *really* fast. Right now, I have fragments of codes for the review system, ratings system and auction system that do parts of this. I'm trying to get it all pulled together.

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