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View Replies Feature

How difficult would it be to add a feature, or a link at the top of the forum labeled "CHECK REPLIES" This would take you to a page with all your postings on, that have been replied to, but you have not viewed.

If you could do this then that would be absolutely terrific. I've been looking for this feature for ages, and I believe that this feature really really should be hard-coded into any decent forum.

On a board like this, where users post messages in many a forum it's hard to keep track of replies. I don't want to clog my inbox with reply notification messages, but a simple page with a message list would be absolutely fantastic and would set this board apart from other boards!!!

Any chance? Please?!



- wil
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Re: [Wil] View Replies Feature In reply to
DAM!, I swear to gosh gillies I had mentioned this somewhere... OH well .... I'M glad that you did though!!!

Not a programmer, but since there is a search by user option, I bet this wouln't be so hard to implement.

I don't have notify by email turned on for the same reason. I post all kinds of things all over the place my mailbox would be beeping every 15 minutes .... errrrrgggahhhghhhh

Definately, this would be a nice option. Especially to keep track of what you posted as a question that nobody has answered yet.

hehe, between the 2 of us, we sure keep this forum busy !!! Crazy

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile