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Field Names

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Field Names
In DBManSQL version 2.0 (non relational) I have all my input fields on my add form named with just the field name (e.g <input type="text" name="fieldname" size="45" maxlength="100">).

I have now upgraded to DBManSQL version 2.1.0 (relational) and would like to know if I should rename my fields to include the table name as well (e.g <input type="text" name="tablename.fieldname" size="45" maxlength="100">)??

Is there anything else that needs to be changed in my html pages?

Thank you.

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Re: [jai] Field Names In reply to
Hi Simon,

You do not need to change your current templates.

The 'tablename.fieldname' is used for queries only, so if you want to customize the query search form (qsearch_form.html ), you have to name 'tablename.fieldname' for imput fields.