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What do the &tablename.fieldname-opt== and the &d=1 part of the url do??

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jai: Oct 14, 2002, 5:21 PM
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I haven't really had any time to look at the new manual, but I'm pretty sure...

&tablename.fieldname-opt== means that the value (i.e. xxx) specified in &tablename.fieldname=xxx (which should also be specified in the url) must be exactly equal to xxx (and not, say, like, >, or < xxx).

&d=1 could mean a number of things, but odds are in this context it is being used to signify that the search_results template should display a single detailed record, rather than loop through all the listings (which would presumably be only one, because of the &tablename.fieldname-opt== already specified)

If I'm right about that, to get the &d=1 to display the detailed result, you'd put in your template:

<%if d = 1%>
detailed result.....
short result.....
<%end loop%>

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