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Links SQL 2.0.3 Available.

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Links SQL 2.0.3 Available.

I've put Links SQL up in the download area. The following changes have been made:

* bugfix: category select lists not getting sorted.
* bugfix: removed persistent_env config variable, it's all auto detected now.
* bugfix: user subcribe issues fixed.
* bugfix: email-del.txt now parses user info, not just link info.
* bugfix: modify multiple links with table prefixes fixed.
* bugfix: template parsing now allows multiple calls to parse other templates.
* bugfix: add/modify works smoother now, removed require_email option.
* bugfix: installer now updates properly.
* bugfix: Links SQL 1 => 2 import now handles missing categories better.
* bugfix: input separtor now is chr(35) instead of chr(0) due to postgres issues.
* bugfix: select fields no longer require their column def to be passed in.
* bugfix: session handling fixed for users without MD5 installed.
* bugfix: date can now handle 0000-00-00 dates, will return time(0).

You can see a diff of what has changed for the programmers out there at:




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