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Links SQL 2.0.2 Available!

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Links SQL 2.0.2 Available!

We've release version 2.0.2 of Links SQL. This should be the last update for a while as we concentrate on getting plugins finished.

Changes include:

* bugfix: Links 2.0 => Links SQL 2.0 fixes.
* added: jump.cgi can now take in ?Detailed=ID and it will redirect to the detailed page. You must have build_detailed turned on.
* bugfix: redid error handler, no longer loaded on compile, fixes popstack errors on older perls.
* bugfix: Links SQL 1 => Links SQL 2 - validated links now import properly.
* added: README.MSSQL file.
* bugfix: user redirect now redirects to full url to set cookie properly.
* added: new option to auto validate links.
* bugfix: regex for URL field fixed.
* added: default template set to use, no longer has to be 'default'.
* added: environment link in setup menu to dump environment settings.
* bugfix: turning off yahoo subcats was broken.
* added: redirect_login_url is now a plugin hook.
* added: search engine can now restrict what fields you allow people to search on.
* bugfix: contact name/contact email not showing up properly.
* bugfix: revamped add/modify to make process smoother, updated all default templates to work out of box.
* added: move @ sign for related categories into templates.
* added: modify_select now uses loops.
* bugfix: validation check now checks for duplicates properly.
* bugfix: check sort order/opts to not allow user input into sql.
* bugfix: install was not updating version number properly.
* bugfix: template parser fixed.
* bugfix: select fields now default to 0 size, not 20
* bugfix: updated table editor, works a lot cleaner now.
* bugfix: select lists organized by creation, not alphabetically.
* added: +, - support to query method, plus not equal to GT::SQL::Admin
* added: BulkMail can now take full path to sendmail with opts.
* added: better speedycgi support.

I've also put up a diff file for those so interested (warning: it's very technical, and only useful to people who have made alterations to the code).


I'm not sure I'll continue doing this though, let me know if anyone finds it actually useful.



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