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Links SQL 2.0.4 Available!

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Links SQL 2.0.4 Available!

We've put a maintenance update to Links SQL out. We are holding off on 2.1 until we get our new user manual finished and better support for file uploads. This will be in 3 to 4 weeks.

What's New in this release:

- Introduces our new File Manager, an essential tool for all site administrators. Go to Build->FileMan and let me know what you think!

- Adds a new default template set which makes use of globals, header and footer for very quick customizations.

- Adds a new column to the Category table called CategoryTemplate. In here, if you put a template directory to use (for instance, enter simple), then that category and all subcategories will use that template set. If you put a template name (i.e. custom.html), then that category and all subcategories will use that template.

- Adds a validate link to the editors area.

- Improvements to the database editor (in terms of adding new columns, changing columns, etc).

- A better import/export. If you goto Database->Links->Properties->Export, it will include category information in the export. Similairly, you can include that information in the import.

- Our new installer. This is common to all our products now and is smart. If you alter cgi scripts, and then do an upgrade, it will create .bak files of all the ones you touched since the last update. This makes it easy to see what has changed.

- Numerous bug fixes.

If you are upgrading, and have a large database, it's recommended you run the install.cgi script from telnet. It will need to alter your database and add two new fields to the Links table, one to the Category table, and one to the MailingIndex table. This can take up two two minutes on very large databases (> 500,000 links).

Let me know if you encounter any problems!



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