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Gossamer Mail 3.0.0 Released!

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Gossamer Mail 3.0.0 Released!

We're pleased to announce the release of the Gossamer Mail 3.0.0. Due to abuse of our licensing terms over the past years, we've implemented a system to ensure one installation of the software is tied to one license. If you see the error message:

Server returned error code: 203 - Admin path does not match path stored on update server; reset possible

You can reset the admin path stored on the Gossamer Threads update server a limited number of times from the licensed download area.

It means that the install path stored in our database for your installation is not the same as the install path of the application you're currently working on. You have the option of changing the install path to your desired setting a limited number of times. Please note that for each license of our programs, only one installation of the program is allowed.

Bolded items are things which have changed since the RC (2.99.0).

New Features:
  • New template design
    • The new luna template set is XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant and extensively uses CSS which allows for extensive template design modifications to be made without needing to change the templates themselves.
    • With the style removed from the HTML, it should allow for much easier template upgrades.
    • Images used in the luna templates now use GMail::image_url() which follow inheritance in the same method as template sets.
  • SpamAssassin support
    • Instead of needing to use a plugin, Gossamer Mail now includes support for scanning both incoming and outgoing mail using SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin itself is included in the Gossamer Mail package so that installing it on your server is not necessary.
  • Gossamer Update system
    • The new Gossamer Update system allows you to easily check for new versions and bug fixes for your current version and install them effortlessly.
    • You'll never have to run install.cgi again for an update, and never have to upload files manually for posted Official Bug Fixes.
  • New installer skin - the installer look is significantly improved and is now themed similarly to the luna templates.
  • Added static path and url
    • This static location now stores all static files such as javascript, css, and images.
    • The old images path and url are no longer used in the code or luna template set, though may still be in use by older template sets.
  • Added ability to automatically add recipients to address book.
  • Added address book auto-completion to To/Cc/Bcc fields.
  • Advanced filters are now ordered, and the order can be adjusted from the filters page.
  • Improved folder management.
  • Simplified compose page by removing rarely-used options.
  • New, rewritten advanced HTML editor, which now loads much faster and should have significantly fewer loading/performance problems.
  • New, rewritten spellchecker, allowing inline word replacement.
  • Added warning about losing formatting when switching from HTML editor to plain text mode.
  • Added warning about losing composition when leaving compose page without saving/sending.
  • Added protection against multiple send submissions - the send button is now disabled after being clicked to prevent accidental duplicate e-mail submission.
  • New paging code allows you to easily change the look and feel of the paging toolbar.
  • Gossamer Mail now distinguishes between body components (such as the text and HTML parts of a message) and attachments, optionally giving users a link to switch between text to HTML views and clearly separating body components and attachments.
  • Added ability to download all attachments in a zip file (this feature will only work if Archive::Zip is installed on the server).
  • Printing (or using your browser's print preview functionality) will now use the printer-friendly message display without needing to use the "Print" link.
  • When printing a message, the part/attachment that the user is currently viewing will be printed instead of just the default part.
  • Added option to either return to the message list or view the next message in the message list after performing an action such as moving or deleting a message.
  • Auto-reply rate limiting resets when the user modifies their auto-reply - this can be very useful for users testing and tweaking their auto-reply.
  • "Check Mail" popup will simply be refocused instead of refreshed if mail checking is already in progress.
  • The catchall address is now a reserved e-mail address.
  • Added check for X-Original-To header for recipients in incoming.pl (postfix uses this).
  • Better recognition of e-mails that shouldn't be bounced or auto-replied to.
  • Improved bounce code so that the address shown in the bounce e-mail will more likely be the original recipient's e-mail address.
  • Added CSS editor for editing new luna stylesheets.
  • Added hidden_query which uses ';' as the delimiter instead of '&' used in url_hidden (which would need to be html escaped to be xhtml compliant)
  • Added page_id tag to all templates to assist in per-template CSS styling.
  • in, config, and user_info template tags added to allow access of input parameters, config file settings, and user settings directly from templates.
  • Added support for PayPal's sandbox testing environment.
  • Added support for using Australian currency with PayPal.
  • Added a spam folder - this is the default destination for spam.
  • Added option to empty spam folder on logout.
  • Added support for multiple attachment uploads. Attachment files no longer need to be manually attached after being selected: they are uploaded when the e-mail is sent).
  • Added an advanced spam view option. When viewing a message, the spam score and spam level meter (with spam report mouseover) will be displayed, along with the options to learn the message as spam or not spam.
  • Spam score is recorded and reported in the database.
  • "Add to whitelist" icon available while viewing messages (only available when spam detection is enabled).
  • Add to whitelist, blacklist and addressbook options now check if the e-mail address is already in the respective lists.
  • Added CSV (comma separated value) address book import.
  • Added search highlighting.
  • Added accesskeys (keyboard shortcuts) for commonly used features (see the user side help).
  • Decreased the number of clicks needed to perform actions with the actions toolbar above the message list.
  • Changed the focusing behaviour on the compose page. It will focus the first field (out of To, Subject, body) that contains no value.
  • If you've moved to a different page after clicking "Check Mail", a "new mail" alert will appear on the page you're now viewing instead of a javascript popup being displayed.
  • Added option to always view external images from selected senders.
  • Added option to sort address book by e-mail address.
  • Improved XSS filtering.
  • Added a nocache user side option (not used by default).

Bug Fixes:
  • Improved forwarding code to fix problems with e-mails sent between multiple Gossamer Mail installations.
  • Auto-replies were incorrectly using the Return-Path address.
  • The user's template set wasn't getting loaded properly causing template tags in footers to be parsed incorrectly.
  • Remote payments which have have different value after postback (to handle cases where taxes or shipping are added) are now accepted.
  • Fixed message preview for large messages.
  • Fixed overlib javascript errors when using mouseovers before overlib has loaded.
  • HTML messages incorrectly displayed the text part below the HTML part if the text part was format=flowed.
  • Attachments with uppercase file extensions were being sent with the wrong content-type, causing issues when downloading.
  • Fixed search results paging after performing an action (e.g. delete) on search result messages.
  • Fixed various other small/annoying issues.
  • Gossamer Mail's built-in "Sender Blacklist" user option menu is hidden when Spam Detection is enabled, since Spam Detection has its own blacklist.
  • Recurring payments weren't being displayed properly when the user was shown a list of payment levels.
  • Option to login as user from admin was incorrectly hiding links that should only have been hidden from the admin@localhost user.

This release also includes all of the changes added to the template system in the Gossamer Links 3, mentioned in the "GT::Template" section of the Gossamer Links 3.0.0 Released! announcement.

For those who wish to preview the release without downloading and installing it, we have updated the live demo on our site:


The pricing of version 3 for new licenses remains unchanged ($650 for Standard, $1450 for Professional, and $4950 for Enterprise).

Upgrades: All users who purchased Gossamer Mail Standard as of December 1st, 2004, or Gossamer Mail Professional or Enterprise as of December 1st, 2003, will receive an upgrade to the same edition of Gossamer Mail 3 for free. Gossamer Mail licenses purchased before those dates can upgrade to the same edition of version 3 for $175 (Standard and v1-Upgrade editions), $400 (Professional edition), or $1400 (Enterprise edition). The upgrade prices only include an updated license allowing you to download version 3 and upgrade it yourself; you can have us perform the upgrade for you for an additional $50.

Gossamer Threads Development Team