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Gossamer Links 3.1.0 Released

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Gossamer Links 3.1.0 Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Gossamer Links 3.1.0.

Bolded items are changes that have been available from Gossamer Update.

  • Added option to support automatically turning paid links into free links in optional categories when they expire.
  • Added option to specify which date you wanted for Add Date when validating links.
  • Changed the way the Go button is hidden, so that it isn't visible for a split second when loading.
  • No longer transforms (for dynamic URLs) static URLs which are inside the root URL.
  • Moved GT::Update configuration into its own file (Config/Updates.pm).
  • The default sendmail arguments that GT::Mail uses (-t -oi -oeq) may be incompatible with the sendmail binary on your server. You can now override the arguments by specifying them after the sendmail path in db_mail_path option.
  • Added dynamic 404 status option.
  • The rule #content li removes bullets on all li's in the #content area - that can be a problem for link descriptions that use li's. We can't change this behaviour too much since it will break custom templates that depend on it, so we'll just move list-style into the ul.
  • User side language now used for GT::SQL::errors for add/modify in the category browser.
  • Added support for using Australian currency with PayPal.

Bug Fixes:
  • Removed completely broken indices, made new CategoryID-LinkID unique index.
  • Various updates and bug fixes to GT::Template.
  • Code prevented from dying when there are invalid links/reviews/changes in the validation list.
  • Fixed paging code where it was incorrectly converting url params into form hidden fields (wasn't unescaping and html escaping). This was causing paging to break with paged search results.
  • Detailed page was missing the isPaidLink and isFreeLink tags.
  • Fixed bug causing file column changing to not work (delete didn't work at all, new files received a wrong name).
  • Fixed various issues with paging after performing certain actions with bookmarks.
  • Fixed bug where renaming a category could cause Full_Name to be renamed incorrectly.
  • form_hidden tag was incorrectly escaped.
  • Reviews on the detailed page now sorted the same way they as on the reviews page.
  • Mass mailer was stripping out non us-ascii characters from the name and subject fields.
  • The link to mysqlman wasn't properly url escaping the username and password.
  • Renaming a bookmark folder to an invalid name (eg. just spaces) resulted in a fatal error.

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