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read all files in dir and extract specific data into Mysql

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read all files in dir and extract specific data into Mysql
Hi friends,
I'm new to perl and Mysql and i need the following.if someone can give me the instructions i will go on the ditails myself.
i have some files of format .txt in a directory that each of these files contain many blocks .every block is look like following:
callPosition 03'H
chargeableDuration 0 1 12'BCD
dateForStartOfCharge 040719'H
exchangeIdentity "RS7G1V0119A11E0"'S
interruptionTime 0 0 0'BCD
recordSequenceNumber 13469605'D
tariffClass 1'D
tariffSwitchInd 00'H
timeForStartOfCharge 8 50 54'BCD
timeForStopOfCharge 8 52 7'BCD
outputType 04'H
switchIdentity 0001'H
calledSubscriberIMSI 418400100053236F'TBCD
calledSubscriberIMEI 352966000334860F'TBCD
timeForTCSeizureCalled 8 50 47'BCD
rFPowerClassCalled 04'H
eosInfo 00'H
mobileStationRoamingNumber 11964758890254'TBCD
teleServiceCode 11'H
frequencyBandSupported 06'H
mSCIdentification 11964750001110'TBCD
outgoingRoute "ARBSC1O"'S
calledPartyNumber 119647504483236F'TBCD
networkCallReference A43F0C0001'H
callingPartyNumber 132261097F'TBCD
incomingRoute "ERBCENI"'S
presentationAndScreeningIndicator 10'H
redirectionCounter 00'H
relatedCallNumber 2E033A'H
callIdentificationNumber 3015484'D
typeOfCallingSubscriber 1'D
radioChannelProperty 03'H
tAC 01020E'H
subscriptionType 00'H
originForCharging 01'H
chargedParty 00'H
timeFromRegisterSeizureToStartOfCharging 0 0 11'BCD
internalCauseAndLoc 0003'H
firstRadioChannelUsed 00'H
firstAssignedSpeechCoderVersion 01'H
speechCoderPreferenceList 010003'H
firstCalledLocationInformation 14F80400650015'H
lastCalledLocationInformation 14F80400650015'H
outgoingAssignedRoute "ARBSC1O"'S
eMLPPPriorityLevel 02'H
disconnectingParty 00'H

NOTE: each line contains a description of field that is the colomn name in mysql table and the value of that and they are seperated by some blank spaces. also the lines contains some extra spaces at the start and end of line that should be ignored.
i need to write a program in perl to select some specific fields of every block and insert them into mysql data tables.the program should read files in the specified dir sequntialy , open them and extract the specific info into corresponding colomns for example the program will send the corresponding value of "incomingRoute" that is "ERBCENI" to its colomn in mysql table..i dont know how to read all files one by one and extract the lines i need into tables.
any help will be appreciated.