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image magick checking image source

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image magick checking image source

I use image magick for pictures upload and resize. The user uses the browse button in form to select his image from hard disk.
But the problem is, when user write manually in text field in my form some paht/imagename that "does not exist" like "lalalala.jpg" or "c:/images/lalala.jpg".
The script get him through, but nothing is written in my database.

The server error log is:
[Tue Aug 3 11:48:05 2004] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/httpd/nejc.iprom.si/images/.jpg

How can I check with my form if the picture manually written in picture text box really exist, and if it does't, then the user see the error message like: "The picture path/name does not exist on your computer."

Thank you for your time.Smile