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Web Development Toolbars for Firefox and IE

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Web Development Toolbars for Firefox and IE

I thought you may be interested in these toolbars for web development. They offer interesting features and more so when you are coding in CSS.

For FireFox :

View with, without or just CSS, view pages images and info abou them, outline all elements on the page, visually mouseover CSS code on page, validate CSS code, resize for different resolutions...
javascript console disable cookies, cache, images, javascript etc.

For IE but haven't tested this one : (from microsoft)

Other Neat FireFox extentions
Also check out :
- Click on demo (top right of page) to see what it does

And finally for those of you that need to do screenshots now and again with FireFox, take a look at this :
- You need java installed and then with a right click you can save a screenshot of the whole page, no more spending hours in photoshop sticking screenshots together :)

Hope you enjoy using them, I sure do !

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Jag: Nov 13, 2005, 9:57 AM
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Re: [Jag] Web Development Toolbars for Firefox and IE In reply to
Yeah, the Developer extension is really outstanding. So many cool FF mods Cool

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Re: [DogTags] Web Development Toolbars for Firefox and IE In reply to
Hi DogTags,

I agree, so much so that microsoft has jumped on to provide it's own free toolbar.

If you haven't had a look at the andy screenshot system (does require Java) then you should take a look it does great screenshots of the window you can see, the whole page etc. and just like that, when I used to take ages to do it. I spent about half an hour or more doing the screenshots for the personal page plug-in in photoshop whereas with this I would have been able to do it in less than a minute !

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