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If one was to develop a new script/program/software, what can be done to stop others from doing the same thing and making money out of your idea?
Anyone have any experiences or ideas?
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Re: [jai] Patent/Copyright In reply to

Short answer, you can't :( If you've got quite a bit of money (and time) to pump into setting the patent up, then its obviously feasible .. but unfortunately, its normally only large companies that do this :(

I've had several of my scripts "ripped", and then sold on as "their own". Its very depressing, and kinda encourages you to do things like obfuscation, to at least make them have to write their own code (even if they do copy a unique idea).

One of the biggest PITA's of using opensource languages, such as Perl/PHP/ASP etc :/


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Patent/Copyright In reply to
You can't patent software.

Copyrighting is for that, but even then there is no official way of copyrighting at least not in the UK. Putting a copyright in each source file is recommended but doesn't ensure protection.