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VBScript questions

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VBScript questions
Hi! I would appreciate it if someone helped me withteh following problems:

So I'm using VBscript and HTML to design a website.

Question 1: Can I send an array variable in a form's method='POST' using HTML, instead of a regular variable name with it's value? if so, how?

Question 2: I have something like this:
<% for i=1 to n %>
<input type=text name="First1" size=15 onFocus=setfound(this.form.arrAuthorsFirst); value="<%=arrAuthorsFirst(0)%>">
# some other stuff here...
<% next %>

My question is, I need to name the variables being sent First1, First2, First3, .... Firstn. How can I do that using VBScript? I tried .... name="First" & i ..... it didn't work. Any suggestions?

Question 3: How can I use regular expressions in VBScript? I want to say something like this:
<% if ( variable has string "abc" in it somewhere) then
do something
do something else
end if

Thanks! I would appreciate it if anyone would answer my questions. Thanks!