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MS Outlook Backup Tool - Any good ones?

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MS Outlook Backup Tool - Any good ones?
Hi All

I've been looking for a good freeware Outlook backup tool.

I gotta move a friend's entire Outlook data and stuff onto a new laptop. What I want to do is set up the new laptop, copy over the Outlook stuff, and then the new Outlook would recognize all the data and settings and run like it was on the old computer.

The tools that I've seen so far appear to copy only some profile stuff, but not the entire package (unless I'm not understanding things)

I need a prog that can do a full backup of Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Address Book, Settings....the whole shootin match.

Does anyone know any good ones?

Thanks very much Smile

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Re: [DogTags] MS Outlook Backup Tool - Any good ones? In reply to
Hi. Have you tried the built in "Backup" feature in Outlook XP? I did this with 50,000+ emails a month or so ago, and it all seemed to work ok (to test that I actually had a working copy, I just re-installed the emails back on another PC, to see if they would go back in ok).

I *think* this is a built in XP feature ... but I could be wrong.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] MS Outlook Backup Tool - Any good ones? In reply to
Thanks, And. She's got 2000. I don't know what that comes with. I am pretty sure it doesn't have a backup feature, but I could be wrong. I'll see what I can find.

Many thanks Smile