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IE opening loads of new windows error

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IE opening loads of new windows error

If you have come across a weird issue with IE since you've installed one of the latest patches from Microsoft which has Internet Explorer opening loads of new windows and or freezing/hanging after it has decided after the 4th new window that it might be a good idea to stop then this might be the issue :

If you have tested the new IE7 on a computer alongside IE6 using the .local trick to run the two at the same time then you may well encounter this issue :


It's basically a registry key that needs to be deleted and that is confusing IE6, the poor thing. This doesn't happen when you do what Microsoft tell you to do, (Yes I'm a naughty boy) and install and then un-install IE7. This process deletes the below registry key :


Be warned ;)

Happy New Year (with ot without IE7) Wink


PS : Another effect this bug has if you don't have IE as your default browser is that on launching IE it will redirect to your default browser so you get the impression that somebody has designed a virus that makes IE open pages in FireFox when it's this bug that tries to open a new browser window and refers to your default browser settings. So you open IE type an address and then FireFox opens it if you have FireFox set as your default browser !! Well weird until you figure it out and I suppose pretty scary if you don't figure it out ! Wink

Just thought I'd mention this other effect to provide a complete bug report (from my experience)...
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