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Using XML feeds

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Using XML feeds
A lot of sites provide XML feeds and there are instructions all over the net on how to "create an XML feed".

The problem is that there are no good guides for non-programmers how one can use the XML feeds to convert/display in information in their HTML pages. Is there a need for a script to covert XML feeds to display the information properly on a web/html page? If so, does one standard script work with any XML feed or a specific script is required for each feed based on the feed/site where it is pulled from?

What is actually involved in using an external XML feed to pull and show the information on my site? For example, how do I use the Yahoo XML feed to show news on my page?

Thanks for the info.
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You can use a script like Feed2JS to easily integrate XML-feeds on pages.
To see it in action, check for example my service: http://slashdemocracy.org/xml/feed2js/build.php
I use this in my directory at http://slashdemocracy.org/links/
(in categories there, I fetch Yahoo News and more on the fly)