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CGI.pm question

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CGI.pm question

your CGI.pm file, you had said before is a lightweight replacement for THE CGI.pm file.

If we are using CGI.pm with mod perl, and the module is pre-loaded anyway, is your CGI.pm actually redundant?

How do we know which CGI.pm file the program is trying to use?

OOP perl is still new to me, so are you inhereting FROM CGI.pm ?

I remember having these questions you first mentioned this, but now I need to get this straight.

Even if I'm not running a mod_perl site (or devel site) I'm going to try to keep everything 'kosher' under mod_perl and use strict since there is really no reason not to, except laziness.

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Our module has a lot of the features of CGI.pm (file uploads, cookie support, header printing, form parsing) without any of the html aspect. They are pretty interchangeable, we just wanted something we could update and not depend on ceartain versions being on the system (a lot of problems people have with Mysqlman is with old version of CGI.pm).

Under mod_perl, yes GT::CGI would be loaded as well as CGI.pm, but it's only an extra 30kb of memory per child, not much. They don't conflict with each other at all. To use GT::CGI, you would see:

my $in = new GT::CGI;

instead of:

my $in = new CGI;



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Re: CGI.pm question In reply to
Hey... I think I found the first "new generation" question/answer to add to the FAQ <G>

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