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500 Server Error

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500 Server Error
I'm probably missing something, but just installed Mysqlman. The first time I access the script from any particular machine the login in page shows up just fine. When I login I get the dreaded 500 server error. I also get it if I try to access mysqlman again from the same machine. If I use an INCORRECT db hostname I get the nice CGI error page. Perhaps some sort of cookie problem?

Any ideas?


Michael Coyne

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Re: 500 Server Error In reply to
Hello Michael,

This is a know issue and we apologize that it has not yet been solved. We will let you know as soon as we find out what's causing the problem.

In the mean time, please try the following link to see if it will take you to the database you specified.


db_host : the database host
db_user : the user name
db_pass : the password
data_source : DBI:mysql:database_name

(leave do=tables and init_login=1)


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Re: 500 Server Error In reply to
Thanks Steven. The work around worked like a charm. Please do let me know when you guys get that bug worked out.