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Alex, take a nap! :)

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Alex, take a nap! :)

Thank you. I, if not everyone, appreciate your work on this product. I realized even before the rumor of the Community script was out that in order to properly design my site that I needed something to tie the other scripts together. I searched high and low for a solution but with no avail. While several other companies offer similar products to yours, none of them had the total package quality that GT offers. So, for nearly 2 years I've waited for the solution to present itself. I almost settled for less desirable products when the rumors about GT Community started. Please don't misunderstand the purpose of this post, I'm happy to wait. I have read all of the relative posts, but haven't downloaded the script yet. I don't figure that I have the programming knowledge to contribute to the final product. As a result, I'll wait for a later BETA release to jump in.

So, my advice to you, take a nap! :)

You've been bombarded with bug reports, release date requests, and presumptive suggestions. Please let it all soak in a few days and after the weekend, maybe look into solutions.

By the way, while this is a thank you post to Alex, it is also a statement to those of you who seem to be jumping ahead. As stated, I have waited a long time for this script, as have many of you, but if the success of your venture hinges on the release of the final version, you are way to far ahead of yourself. I have a domain name parked without a server currently, haven't implemented any website, and just now considering the final web logo design for the web site. I figure that I might want to start the ball rolling with a limited version of my web site (clearly detailed in my head and throughout my hard drives). Considering my attention to detail from the get go and my limited knowledge of the programming languages used, I am confident that the wait between time of completion of stage one of the site and the release of a stable version of GT Community will be quite short.

My point is, if you are dreaming about plug-ins and launching the GT Community script in a live setting tomorrow, you're a fool. There is absolutely no way a telling whether or not any security holes exist in the current BETA release. Additionally, don't forget that your average user hates new site features that don't work! Don't lose valuable visitors to impatience. The more Alex gets hammered by dumb questions, the less likely he will be to try to keep us informed.

Keep up the good work Alex.

You may not like my opinion, but it's the only one have. Wink

Marcus L. Griswold
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Re: [beetleman] Alex, take a nap! :) In reply to
You seem to forget that Community was running on some live sites as a GT custom work before the release...
The one with Mac OS X Server 10.4 :)
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Re: [maxpico] Alex, take a nap! :) In reply to
Alex did say not to use it on a live server. I expect the servers that were using it in a live environment had full support from GT when any bugs were found, whereas that it not possible when many people are using it.

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Paul: Jan 25, 2003, 4:54 AM
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Re: [Paul] Alex, take a nap! :) In reply to
Of course Alex will tell, not to use GComm on live production sites.
I think that's normal warning for a beta release. If anybody uses on live site, the user must take the his own responsibility if any error, crash, data loss is happening.

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Re: [beetleman] Alex, take a nap! :) In reply to

Many thanks for the kind words! I'm rested and ready to get this up and running as I think it will be of great use to a lot of people, and help introduce people to our other products.

As for using it on live sites, the only live sites it's used on is one's that we helped build and develop from the ground up. I'm confident about those as we were involved in creating them. I'm not confident enough for others to use this on a live site as it still needs further testing and work.


Gossamer Threads Inc.
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Re: [Alex] Alex, take a nap! :) In reply to

yes, take the time you need for releasing a working application.

But I must say, it is very hard for me every day (and I think also for others) NOT TO INSTALL the beta version on a live site for I've been waiting sooo long for the community-plugin!

Maybe if things are going on, you're going to release a Beta2-version of community, where the well know bugs are eliminated.


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Re: [ManuGermany] Alex, take a nap! :) In reply to
You shouldn't use anything before an RC1 (release candidate) version of any script on a live site unless you are confident you can fix any problems yourself.

Most users should wait until the Final version is released if quick support is an issue.