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Urgent Please Help!

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Urgent Please Help!
First of all my web is running on NT server. Everything seems ok at first. I have about 551 links entry in my database and the size is only 162kb
I can build the pages fine for about a month
but last week when I click on Build All
and I got this
'd:\inetpub\etcmall\shopping\admin\nph-build.cgi' script produced no output
I've been trying many hundred of different ways to solve this problem but it could never be
solved. However I contact the support form my server but I get no response.
Anyone please be kind to help me out.
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The problem is that permissions of cgi scripts are not stable under NT. They tend to change.

I would recommend switching to a UNIX host.

BTW: I managed three NT servers in my old job and it was a nightmare managing CGI scripts.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C