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nph-verify fatal error

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nph-verify fatal error
I moved to aplus.net and Links 2.0 does most things I tried - Add, Build, Email but I cannot Verify. I get

Error Message : Fatal error: Can't locate object method "netloc" via package "URI::http" at /home/u3/crm911/cgi-bin/links/admin/LWP/Parallel/UserAgent.pm line 443, line 1.

Script Location : nph-verify.cgi
Perl Version : 5.008

It is not a RAQ Cobalt machine afaik.

PS. Just found a whole heap of discussions in a different forum here (not Installations) -

Another answer referred to Links 2.1 which does not use LWP. Which is that?

PS2. Did more searching. It seems that the poster meant 2.01, which appears to be an update to Links 2.0 and the readme says that it does not use LWP. OK, I'll try to install that and give it a burl.

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ash: Feb 14, 2003, 1:58 AM
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You need to get in contact with your host, and get them to install the URI Perl module package. Also, are you running Links 2.0 or Links 2.1 ? The latter one is the copy that doesn't have the LWP, HTML etc folders in the /admin/ folder. If you are using 2.0, then I would recommend upgrading to 2.1, as its more stable, and most of these problems are fixed (although you will still need to probably get your host to install those modules).

Hope that helps Smile

Andy (mod)
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