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Big newbie simple question

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Big newbie simple question
Hi everybody,
I've got a simple question (i think) :-) :
How to add subcategories ?
I haven't got any problems with classical categories, this program run smoothly, thx to the programmer..:-)
But every time, I want to add a subcategory :
Like MyCategory/MySubCategory
It works fine into the admin control, but doesn't appear in the website, when clicking on MyCategory for example
I don't understand at all !!
I've made some researches on this forum and into the F.A.Q, no one seems to have this problem....Am I the only silly to have this problem ??? :-)
Anyway thx in advance for your responses and sorry for my bad english, i'm french and only 15....

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Re: Big newbie simple question In reply to
Make sure you have this in category.html


<%if category%>
Is that what you mean?

Support: http://wiredon.net/forum/

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Re: Big newbie simple question In reply to

Make sure you don't have blanks (spaces) within category names and no special characters like or something.

There's an help within admin (in mine, don't know, maybe I have some modified...) in where it says:

Easy, just name your category appropriately. For instance, if you have a category named 'Computers', to have a subcategory named Hardware just click on Add
Category, and name it 'Computers/Hardware'.
You can have as many levels as you like 'Computers/Hardware/Video_Cards/Diamond' for instance, but just make sure you have the appropriate categories before
hand (i.e. in the above example, you would need to have 'Computers', 'Computers/Hardware' and 'Computers/Hardware/Video_Cards' first.

Have Fun

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Re: Big newbie simple question In reply to
Thanks you both, but I've already tried that...and hasn't worked....
Anyway, I haven't do anything at all, and suddendly after another "Buil All", It worked fine........
I can see them now....
So, I still don't know what's happened...
But sometimes computers are stranges..
Thanks a lot, anyway