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Unkown Tag: build_detail_url

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Unkown Tag: build_detail_url
When I am clicking "whats new" or "Cool sites"

it shown this mesaage

Unkown Tag: build_detail_url

I am using nonenglish files

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Re: [kinisi] Unkown Tag: build_detail_url In reply to
in site_html_templates.pl, go to where the part labeled "%globals", and add:
build_detail_url => $build_detailed_url

be sure to add a comma (",") at the end of the previous line.

Links 2.0 moderator
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Re: [King Junko II] Unkown Tag: build_detail_url In reply to
Its fixed the problem (I maid some tests on site and I didnot found any prob as previus article)


Now they are not working..

The Top rated area (αξιολογημένα in greek)

have a look from admin/build all

the Building Top Rated Page . . .
Vote Range: ..
Rate Range: ..

and the "New links" at "Whats New area" ("νέοι τόποι" in greek)

any idea?

You can test it at: