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Problems with add.html

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Problems with add.html
I have problems with the add.html.
The ADD-Form displays the OPTION field to select the category. I dont like this. The category should be displayed automaticly by the script. I have already changed the parameter in links.cfg (from 1 to 0 and back).
Nothing happend. It have no effct.
Whats wrong ?
Please help. Ive spend hours to solve the probleme,
without any success !


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Re: Problems with add.html In reply to

You need to include the <%Category%> tag in your form. But this option only works if the add form is called from a category page. If someone calls the add form from Whats New, Top, Ratings etc, of course no category is displayed, and the user must select the category.

Here is what i have on my site and it works great.

<tr valign="middle">
<td align="right" width="109">Categoria:</td>
<td width="15"></td>
<td width="184"><%Category%></td>


Carlos Alcocer
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Re: Problems with add.html In reply to
Thank you Carlos !
But I am already did so.
Im comming from a category site, pressing the button "add" and the pulldown menu is shown. The problem seems to be:
The script is unable to check, where I come from.
It displays allways the pulldown menu with the categories.

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Re: Problems with add.html In reply to
In Netscape it works fine.
In IE it wont !
Strange ...