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verify links problem. modules installed

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verify links problem. modules installed
I am getting the following error on attempts to verify links. The path to prog has been removed to save space:

Error Message : Fatal error: Can't locate object method "netloc" via package "URI::http" at /.../LWP/Parallel/UserAgent.pm line 443, chunk 1.

I keep reading this is a module install problem, but the program IS trying to use URI::http


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Re: [ajna] verify links problem. modules installed In reply to
Are you using the old version of Links 2? That could be why. There was v2, which had the /LWP/ etc folder in it, and then v2.1 which got rid of it, and only used ones that were installed on their system. MAybe you should install this version? Unsure

Andy (mod)
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