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rough maximum of links

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rough maximum of links

this time I hope I have not overlooked anything ;) in the help or FAQ:

Can a _rugh_ number of maximum Links be given?

I am aware that this depoends also on server capacity and speed, but I think about adding roughly 6000 Links and wonder whether I sould move to the SQLVersion (and then: can the stuff from 2.0 be mported in the SQL version?)

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Re: [fraktal] rough maximum of links In reply to
Its a good idea to go straight into Links SQL if you can afford it. Otherwise, Links 2 can cope with 2-3,000 links; possibly up to 6 thousand if you don't use the search feature. The other problem with lots of links in a flat file database, is that the database can get corrupt quite easily if more than one person tries to query it. Thats why MySQL is better Wink

Andy (mod)
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Re: [fraktal] rough maximum of links In reply to
Check the forums for links limit and you WILL find threads where this has been discussed, as of last week even.
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