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jump.cgi - server load

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jump.cgi - server load
I've been using links for a long time with no problem. Today my webhost disabled jump.cgi, supposedly because it was causing server load problems. I run links on another host/site that has 3 times the traffic with no problem. The problem site has about 2,000 page views a day, which includes about 1200 accesses via jump.cgi. It's average over the two years the site has been running with no problem is about 1,400 page views.

I'm guessing my host, which has a habit of going on witch hunts when their server crashes, is not really looking deeply enough. Or, that I got hit with a major googlebot hit all at once which drove the load up.

In any event, I have two questions.

Any ideas on how to diagnose what's going on? (I looked at log summaries and there's no major obvious jumps, but I'll try the raw logs tomorrow.

Second, I may end up having to move all my domains at that particular webhost, and would appreciate any suggestions -- I basically need a host that can handle multiple domains on the same account, since I'd need to move about six domains/sites, with an initial bandwidth of 3-10 gigs, and mysql access (which I don't need know but will need when I move all the domains.

ANY ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thankx.
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Re: [thor1] jump.cgi - server load In reply to
Mmm.. how many links do you have in your database? (you have to remember that flatfile DB's have limitations Frown).

Some people run their databases at 1mb ... which is just silly (especially with more than 20 hits a day to your site).


Andy (mod)
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Re: [thor1] jump.cgi - server load In reply to
The webhost has suspended my account
Your jump.cgi file has been consistantly running up the load on this server today. This account has been suspended again due to load issues.
Y use Links 2.0 since 1999 without any problem. I have 2000 links -800kb database- and 1200 pageviews.

It can be that it is some robot treating to follow links?